Saturday, June 13, 2015


Sadness , when it comes
Sudden and unannounced.
Hold on a bit I say,
Trying old tricks to keep you at bay.

Park that thought,
While I quickly wrap up this act.
Distracting as ever before
Sweet nursing of open sores.

Hold on a bit I say,
Trying old tricks to keep you at bay.

I shall find you some time
But not today
Time is so short
And you are here to stay.

Hold on a bit I say,
Trying old tricks to keep you at bay.

Hiding beneath
That brilliant smile
No one knows,
What brings you alive

Hold on a bit I say,
Trying old tricks to keep you at bay.

On the stormy, rainy day
Or the silent Sunday.
The whispering of the leaves
Or the wordless balmy breeze .

Hold on a bit I say,
Trying old tricks to keep you at bay.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I wait ..

I wait
For what , I do not know
With a heavy heart
And misty eyes
There isn't any answer
Waiting at the end of the night
There isn't any more reasoning to do
There isn't any warm smile
To melt the setting ice
There isn't any arm reaching out
To hold the me tight
There isn't any hug
To ward off the chill
No more words to set it right
It's hard to pretend
When reality  descend
It's comes crashing
Breaking bones
Crushing wind
Spilling blood
Ripping skin
Plucking eyes
Painful violent
It bites . It hurts. It kills
It stills .

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Singular musing..

Just met too many people over last few days who made my mind start on this line of thought. To be more specific all of them were men though this has nothing to do with gender. To be more precise the first thought came over the news of a dear colleagues mother being due for a heart surgery. I happen to know that he is very close to his mother which is not really a surprise..most people are close to their mothers. Anyway, moving on with my story, he is also single and 40 plus years of age. the thought that distressed me was what will he do if his mother doesn't survive it?
Next I came know of a father who is 67 and wants to remarry .his wife is no more though he has full grown kids with their own set of kids. He has just mentioned it to his son, who is not talking it well.
And I spoke to a man who is retiring in another 2 yrs having worked at the same place for over 40 yrs . He too is single . Living alone. I asked him,what are his plans post retirement , he didn't share anything much and I got the feeling that I am asking a wrong question. He tried to tell me in few words without intruding that marriage is important and age makes one rigid.
And then there is someone who will turn 40 this year. single. Has resigned to the fact that it's too late to have kids as it will be irresponsible to do so, someone with his life style will not have a chance to provide good parenting for any child and the child will not get a childhood really, having to take care of his parent probably.
Hmm. That's too much for 2 days I say.
Though it's not all so gloomy. I met an award winning sculptor last month. He is77 and still pursuing his passion for at and traveling to workshops. My inspiration.
One would say at 32 I need not think so much. But I can't help but wonder what s in store for me. Art.Music and love I hope.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Un titled

In the silent sigh
In the focusless stare
The skipped beat
With the one odd  ring
The long ride at the end
The familiar shadows
The light shining on the skin
They seem unknown
The sudden whiff
A Piece of music
A fleeting thought
The unspilt drop
Waiting at the brim
Unending climb
Whisperless sleep
What a nightmare of a dream !

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sailing on .

And I keep sailing on
With my wares and goods
Looking for land, where upon
I can throw my anchor in.
Weary and tired
The journey has been so long.
I wait
Looking upon the twinkling lights
Of the evening land
Life breathing and radiating
Calls me ashore.
Promises of love and all that in store.
Light breaks
Shining through the clouds
Excited to see a new ship
Waiting at the sea.
The day passes by
Discovering mysteries
Experiencing fantasies
Singing love songs
Breathing in the storms.
As the sun rolls on
To light up another land
And as I wonder
Do I drop my anchor on the sand
They tell me
What a good time we had
But like fantasies can't be realities
There's hardly space for niceties.
And I keep sailing on.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Look around,
People talking, laughing, bickering,
Taking all the pain
Of justifying.
This life.this existence
Searching, some for change
Some for consistence.
Finding meaning in emptiness
This vaccum is by design
Meant to bring as One ,
The parted children of the divine
Shrouded in this mystery
Blinded by the desire to be ,
Be one with the one ,just meant for thee.
The search carries on, centuries past
Into space and time, the universe so vast.
The moon and the stars ,
Stand witness to the quest.
The winds of ages whispering
Its relentless.
Look within?
If we are all but ONE ,
Then why the vaccum - why the parting?
Why need another to complete a feeling?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A lazy afternoon

You open your eyes,
To happy sunshine, peeping through,
the shades of greens,
the balmy breeze, swaying trees.
you look right , the sparrows just took flight
you never liked the sun much,
but i suppose, you are getting used to some post lunch,
lying there on the easy chair,
content with life,
peace , thats what you wanted right ?
And there she is ,  now sitting next to you
running her hand through your long dark hair
just the way you always liked, fingers fair.
 Ice cold coffee , sweating out next to you
classic burning out , adding a smoky film to your view
The phone rings,
and she smiles at you and goes to answer it
your pout says you don't want her to go....
you close your eyes, waiting for her so.

and a sudden cool breeze, rustling in the trees
a familiar scent, from a lifetime away
you open your eyes, but the moment's passed by...